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Your degree classification will depend on your main degree subject and not the Year in Computing which is a pass/fail year.

In the back room, this means understanding computer operating systems and networks, learning a programming language, storing and manipulating data, and integrating with a Web server.During the year you will work exclusively within the School of Computing, returning to your home School and registered degree and ultimately graduating (if successful) with your current degree title augmented with the words This is a specially designed, self-contained, one-year programme which will take you further than simply being able to 'code'.By concentrating teaching around web technologies you will work with both back-room, business-focussed, and front-end, user-focussed, software: you will not only learn to drive the car, but also how it works.Both of these programmes will equip you for a tech-based career.It is important that you consider which is the most appropriate for you.

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