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There are no limits on the length of time a special CFC PAS/HAB or special CLASS transportation-habilitation service provider may be used.The special CFC PAS/HAB or special CLASS transportation-habilitation service provider may serve the individual without retraining, as long as the individual’s condition, tasks and hours remain unchanged.In addition, there are no restrictions with respect to the amount of time between the service provider’s assignments.Revision 17-1; Effective November 1, 2017 Records provided by the employee, or records provided by a former or current employer that document the time the employee delivered direct care services, may be used to establish that a special CFC/PAS/HAB or special habilitation service provider meets requirements.A DSA provides CLASS program services, CFCPAS/HAB services, and CFC emergency response services (ERS) to the individual as outlined in their Individual Plan of Care (IPC), the Individual Program Plan (IPP) for that service, and Individual Program Plan Addendum (IPP-A).An individual may elect to have some or all CLASS program and CFC services delivered by the DSA.Documentation of transportation-habilitation, prevocational, and respite service provider training outlined above or any training of CFC PAS/HAB provider requested by the individual or LAR must include a signed certificate of completion stating: DSA staff that develop the curriculum used for initial and annual training must have attended and successfully completed the CLASS Provider Training.Verification of a DSA training instructor’s completion of CLASS Provider Training must be maintained and available to HHSC employees during a contract monitoring review.

If an individual is found to be ineligible for Medicaid, the DSA must notify the case manager no later than the next business day.

Annual evaluations by the supervisor that take place with the individual/LAR ensures that the needs of the individual are being met.

Form 3599 is used to document this evaluation, as stated in the instructions for the form.

As outlined in this section, the individual's selected DSA is required to perform the following tasks on behalf of an individual in CLASS on an ongoing basis: CLASS program and CFC services, as a whole, enhance an individual's integration in the community and prevent admission to an institution while maintaining and improving independent functioning.

Revision 17-1; Effective November 1, 2017 CLASS program and CFC providers must have a base of operation that includes a physical location and normal operating hours in each geographic catchment area for which they have a contract to provide CLASS program and CFC services.

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